Our Local Partners

The Faraja Center

The Faraja Young Women Development Organization is a vocational school providing training for pregnant teens and young mothers in Arusha, Tanzania. 


The school currently teaches:

  • Cookery, Food production, Nutrition

  • Gardening

  • Designing and garment sewing

  • Hand crafts and embroidery

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Life Skills

  • Computer studies

  • Health education and HIV and AIDS control

  • House keeping

  • Laundry

M.A.R.B.L.E will take over housing, clothing, and case management for the Faraja center.

Tanzanian Women Lawyers Association

In cases where legal or political issues may arise, the Tanzanian Women Lawyers Association will help coordinate with the courts and  community leaders.

They aim to help by:

  • Providing  legal Aid services to vulnerable women and children.

  • Undertaking policy research and advocacy for legal reform and campaign for women and children on issues of equality and human rights.

  • ​Raising awareness of Sexual and Reproductive Health rights at the grass roots level and advocate for advancement of these rights as human rights in Tanzania.